Lawrence Rasson, illustrator, graphic artist.

Lawrence was born in 1982, the 22nd of december, in Les Flandres situated in the north of France. He first studied Japanese at the université of Lille, as he is fond of this culture. He then decided to go to the great Emile Cohl School, in Lyon, to learn drawing, painting, sculpture, and the way to realize an animated movie and lots of other capabilities of that kind. It took quite a long time to study all these special techniques, and passed his diploma in 2009. Thanks to that, he started his career as a drawer and a painter, using 3D, infography and comics style too. Lawrence is keen on fantasy, legends, myths, nature and paranormal phenomenas. That’s why he dedicated his very first comic project to Elizabeth Bathory, the great countess very well known as well as Dracula, for she is said to have been a vampire between the end of the XVIth century and the beginning of the XVIIth century, in Hungary. Lawrence worked with Amaury Quétel who co-realized the scenario of this comic. This project materialized in two volumes edited by Juste Pour Lire editions. Lawrence also worked with Jacques Sirgent, the creator and director of the only vampires’ museum in France situated in Paris. Jacques is a great writer, historian and historical speaker, specialized in old beliefs, history of sorcery and mythical creatures such as demons, angels and vampires. Lawrence created a lot of front covers (Les voleurs d’âme(s), Anges, Vampires et Démons, and the new French translation of Dracula, by Jacques Sirgent, initially written by Bram Stoker). He also worked on posters used in the vampires’ museum and other book festivals. Lawrence then realized illustrations and the front cover of Il était une fois Morgane et Viviane, Mélusine et Ondine, written by Claudine Glot, an expert in arthurian legends. Lawrence decided to illustrate Raiponce, the original Brothers Grimm’s tale, using graphite pencils to get the same quality you can see on old engravings and lithographies from the XIXth century.

A lot of exhibitions of his work were prepared, particularly in Brittany where he now resides : The castle of Comper, Les Portes des Secrets in Broceliande, the New Art Gallery in Lille…

He recently realized the whole illustrations and the front cover of the rev. Kirk’s fairy treatise which is entitled in French : La République Invisible. The text, initially written in 1692, has been translated and analyzed by Dr. Caroline Duban, author and historian, expert in old beliefs and ancient social networks in modern time (XVIth-XVIIIth century).

Lawrence is inspired by Yoshitaka Amano, Arthur Rackham, John Bauer, Hayao Miyasaki, and many other great illustrators.